my life as a young feminist and survivor of womb cancer

A year after being first diagnosed with womb cancer, I realised that although I struggled talking about my feelings, I could write about them. From there came the idea of writing a blog, a collection of moments – some good, some bad, all of them honest – about my life as a womb cancer survivor and how it has affected me and those around me.

Writing for me has always been cathartic, and I hope that my experience will help others overcome similar situations, or understand what their loved ones are going through.


Stoic, impassive, apathetic, unfeeling. Disconnected. Waking up and feeling like I am not in control of my own body. I go swimming, my legs move, my arms push against the water to keep me afloat. Automatically. I cannot hear, I cannot feel, I cannot smell anything but the water. I am numb. I go home […]

If You Are Doing Something, You Are Doing The Right Thing

Switching point of views for a second. I have spoken at length about my experience of cancer as a patient, because that is what feels the most true, the most raw. That is what I need and want to get off my chest, that is where I feel my experience could help others. But there […]

A Number Is Worth a Thousand Words

I have always liked numbers. I hate maths, do not get me wrong – but numbers themselves are comforting. Counting makes sense. Keeping track makes sense. I like to see numbers. Work out how many days, how many hours, how much time I spend doing this or that. And when I am particularly anxious, when […]